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President's message

EBC is a construction company operating in three main areas: building (hospitals, office buildings, housing complexes, etc.), civil engineering/earthworks (roads, bridges, viaducts, hydroelectric and wind power projects, piers, waterworks, wastewater works, pipelines, etc.) and mining (tailing transportation, excavating, backfilling, blasting, etc.).

Our family business was founded in 1968. Over the course of our mandates, EBC has diversified and expanded, becoming one of the two largest construction companies in Quebec. That is a fine achievement, and I take particular pride in the fact that we have continued to live by the original values of EBC’s founder (my father, Fernand Houle): respect, integrity and a job well done. I call them our "foundations".
These key values guide approximately 1,500 employees of our worksites in Quebec and across Canada. Our clients appreciate our rigorous work methods and our employees’ expertise. What's more our employees take pride in working for a company that treats them with respect and puts their health and safety first.

Our values are reflected in each of our mandates, including major projects such as the construction of the University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM), the Bloom Lake mine, the hydroelectric projects such as La Romaine or the construction of the next Champlain Bridge. EBC is known for the quality of its work and for its ability to deliver even the most demanding project on budget and on time, thanks to our skilled, committed and motivated workforce. Our worksite and project management teams are supported by our efficient, dedicated administrative staff, and this collaboration is the key to achieving our ultimate goal: ensuring our clients’ satisfaction.

EBC is a thriving construction company that has the advantage of being both diversified and specialized. We can meet your needs and maximize the value of your projects. Our team is always ready to take on the most daunting challenges, including Quebec’s Plan Nord, while developing business partnerships with other companies and First Nations communities.

With its winning combination of experience, expertise and daring, EBC is the ideal place to develop your career in a warm and welcoming work environment. We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. If you are ready to expand your horizons, we invite you to check out the Careers section of this website.

I look forward to meeting you, as a future client, partner or employee.

Marie-Claude Houle, Eng., MBA

President, EBC