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Building Projects

Since 1968, our Building Division has carried out more than 400 construction or renovation projects with a total value of over $3 billion. These include office buildings, hospital centres, residential long-term health care centres (CHSLDs), research centres, laboratories, educational institutions, retirement homes, residential buildings, hotels, shopping centres, factories, warehouses, sports centres, stadiums, historic buildings, etc.

The EBC team includes some 100 engineers and architects. To maximize the value of a project, we can become involved prior to the construction stage. Whether the building costs $5 million or $500 million, EBC applies the same rigorous guidelines with respect to quality, budget and timelines.

Boise Notre-Dame Condominiums Phase IV

Deloitte Tower - Offices Layout


Pierre-Laporte Aquatic Center

Complexe Sportif Pierre Laporte

Laurier Quebec Redevelopment


Le 22 Residence




New CHUM – Ambulatory Centre

CHUM construction.jpg

Pierre Lassonde Pavilion Quebec Museum of Fine Arts

Pavillon Pierre-Lassonde MNBAQ 1.jpg

Ottawa Art Gallery Expansion