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Civil engineering and earthworks Projects

EBC deploys its expertise across Canada to build, repair and rebuild bridges, viaducts, roads, piers, locks, waterworks, wastewater works, etc. The redevelopment of the Robert Bourassa/Charest Interchange in Quebec City is an example of the size of our mandates. We have also been widely involved in hydroelectric projects (power plants, dams, dykes, tunnels, distribution substations, etc.), the transport and distribution of natural gas, wind farms and underwater construction.

EBC also works on hydroelectric projects (power plants, dams, dykes, tunnels, distribution substations, etc.), as well as natural gas transportation and distribution projects. Our areas of expertise also include underwater construction and wind farms.

Our extensive fleet of equipment includes more than 750 units valued at over than $140 million, allows us to be highly competitive and autonomous in carrying out our mandates. We also offer comprehensive services aimed at maximizing the value of every project.

The business sectors Power Lines and Underground Works are available below :

Power Lines

Underground Works

Peribonka Hydroelectric Power Plant | 405 MW

Centrale Peribonka_Evacuateur de crues1.jpg

Romaine-1 | Rock plug excavation and concrete plug of the diversion tunnel


Highways 40 and 73 | Phases 1 & 2


Baie-des-Sables and Métis-sur-Mer

Parc eolien Baie-des-Sables 1.JPG

McInnis Cement | Port-Daniel-Gascons cement plant


Decarie Highway Reconstruction

Deception Bay Cri Wharf

Long Lake Hydroelectric Project | 31 MW

Long Lake Hydro Project3.JPG

Highways 20, 25 and 132 | Interchange