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Mining Projects

Thanks to our team of world-class engineers and technicians specializing in the mining sector, EBC is the ideal partner for mining companies. For example, during the construction of the Bloom Lake mine in Fermont, we transported tailings, built dykes, ponds and wastewater recovery systems, and performed a wide range of excavation, backfilling and blasting work. One of our strengths is the autonomy and competitiveness provided by our $140 million fleet of equipment.

In addition, our subsidiary EBC Mines inc. specializes in underground mine development, including building facilities, pit digging, ramp excavation, mechanized and conventional rigging, etc.

Bloom Lake - Mine Tailings

Island Gold Mine


Bloom Lake - Dikes and Ditches

Lac Bloom Digues Fosses.jpg

Bloom Lake - Overburden stripping

Lac Bloom Decapage mort-terrain.jpg

Bloom Lake - Tailing Water Management


Victor Mine Closure Reclamation activities

De beer Victor Mine April