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Montréal-Est Biomethanization Centre

New mandates

By Johanne Laurin 27 November 2019

EBC is very pleased to be partnering again with Suez Canada Waste Services to establish a second organic waste biomethanization centre for the City of Montréal.

Located on the east side of the metropolis, at the intersection of Broadway Avenue North and Highway 40, the new plant will process 60,000 tons of organic material into renewable energy for the agglomeration needs.

The contract includes the design, build and management of the centre, which means a five-year operating and maintenance period. The future building will be constructed according to the principles of sustainable development and will aim for LEED certification.

Work will begin in July 2020 and commissioning is scheduled for 2022.

Let us recall that a first contract was awarded last April for the construction of a composting facility in the Saint-Laurent borough.