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Bonaventure Expressway, section 10

New mandates

By EBC inc 11 September 2020

EBC is pleased to be mandated by The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated to carry out various works on section 10 of the Bonaventure Expressway, one of the main gateways to downtown Montréal.

Our team will carry out preparatory work, including inspection and securing, repairing the box girders underneath the deck between axes 30 and 32 and 36 and 38 towards downtown and ramp D.

With a total length of 1,135 metres, section 10 is the elevated portion of the Bonaventure Expressway. It starts over the Peel basin of the Lachine Canal and ends at the Victoria Bridge.

The project began in August 2020 and will end in September 2021.