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EBC and its employees donate $132,690 to United Way/Centraide, the Red Cross and HealthPartners


By Johanne Laurin 15 December 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBC team mobilized and showed great generosity to support the United Way/Centraide, the Red Cross and HealthPartners.

Our fundraising campaign was held from November 10 to 20, 2020 and raised the sum of $132,690 for these charities whose needs are greater than ever. Because it is together that we open the door to possibilities, more than 240 employees took part in the campaign, alongside members of the EBC and GLR management.

The power of teamwork stems from gathering around common goals and values, to stand united to succeed. We can be proud that we got together on behalf of our community and lent a hand to the most vulnerable. No one is immune. In this year of upheaval where mutual aid is paramount, we will certainly have made a difference in the lives of many individuals and families.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all those who work to provide some relief to those most in need.


Click on the following links for more information on the charitable organizations:

United Way/Centraide

Canadian Red Cross