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Storm Sewer Collector Rehabilitation – Onésime-Voyer Sector

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By Johanne Laurin 29 July 2021

EBC is pleased to have been selected by Québec City to rehabilitate its storm sewer collector located near the Onésime-Voyer sector, along the Cap-Rouge railway viaduct.

The project will rehabilitate a large-diameter (2100 mm) rain collector located behind Onésime-Voyer and Promenade-des-Sœurs streets and on a CN railway right-of-way, over a length of approximately 1.7 km, including a storm sewer leading to the Cap Rouge River. Moreover, the team will replace a portion of three conduits located at the northwest intersection of these arteries and will also execute road and lighting repairs.

The project will begin in September 2021 and will be finished by August 2022.

Thank you to Québec City for selecting EBC to execute this project.