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Fairbank Silverthorn Contract 2

New mandates

By Johanne Laurin 21 September 2021

EBC is very pleased to announce that it has teamed with Bessac Canada to construct a series of shafts, connecting tunnels and collector system for the City of Toronto. The project is a part of the City’s Basement Flooding Protection Program and is located in the Fairbank Silverthorn area.

Implemented to resolve chronic basement flooding in this high-density neighborhood, the project provides conveyance and in-line storage tunnels with a new outfall towards Black Creek. It will connect to the future storm sewer separation connections for the Fairbank Silverthorn project.

The 2,400 m long main tunnel will have an internal diameter of 4,500 mm and will be constructed at depth of up to 50 m in soft ground. The new storm sewer collectors will be 1,782 m long with an internal diameter of 1,800 mm connecting to the main tunnel and to the new outfall.

The local collector sewers will be connected to the main tunnel via 7 shafts. 4 shafts will have vortex drop structures and adit connections to the main tunnel, varying in depth from 14 m to 43 m.

Other works involve the construction of the new storm outfall sewer in a city park and local collectors requiring open cut methods, relocations of utilities, site preparation and restoration, traffic management, extensive settlement and environmental monitoring and mitigation.
Construction will begin in September 2021 and plans to complete in August 2024.

Thank you to the City of Toronto for allowing us to showcase our expertise and know-how to improve the residents’ well-being.