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$141,481 to be donated to United Way/Centraide, the Red Cross and HealthPartners


By Johanne Laurin 13 January 2023

Mission accomplished for the 2022 United Way/Centraide, the Red Cross and HealthPartners campaign, which raised $141,481 thanks to the generosity of EBC and GLR employees and management. Our annual fundraiser was held from November 10 to 18, 2022 on our construction sites and in our administrative offices, across the country.

United Way/Centraide, the Red Cross and HealthPartners support thousands of people in need and organizations that fight poverty, hunger, physical and mental illness, violence, isolation, school dropouts, addictions and emergencies. They support local organizations and they are stepping up their efforts to help the most vulnerable.

The success of our campaign is based on collective efforts. Together, we represent a lever for social support. For the past ten years, our donations represent more than a million dollars. We must continue the fight for a fairer society.

Thank you to all those contributing to building a better world. Together, in giving, we receive.


Click on the following links for more information on each charitable organization:

United Way/Centraide

Canadian Red Cross



Photo: Annie Fiset (2022 Campaign Committee, EBC), Marie-Claude Houle (President and CEO, EBC) and Marie-Pier Marier (2022 Campaign Organizer, EBC).