Health & Safety

We're all About Safety

  • As an industry leader, we are paving the way.
  • At EBC, safety is our top priority.
  • Worker health is at the forefront of every decision, project and work method.
  • For us, the message is clear: We’re all About Safety

To achieve this, we rely on a seasoned team of experts to ensure that proven safety practices are applied. Customized training, an occupational health and safety leadership structure, risk analysis, safety reports, a recognition program and our ten work safety policies reviewed annually are all part of our ceaseless efforts to ensure our employees’ safety.

On the strength of our presence in many Canadian provinces, we also ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and we follow the various certification requirements, such as CORTM (Certificate of Recognition).

Because all accidents can be avoided, prevention is paramount. We seek to identify danger before it arises and become an agent of change through leadership. We hold everyone accountable and expect everybody’s involvement, because every action counts. We analyze potential risks and devise appropriate measures on all our worksites before work begins. Our objective is not only to identify what can be avoided, but also to understand how to achieve this.

Health and safety is a priceless value at EBC. To improve the risk management associated with subcontracting, EBC joined the movement created by the Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec (CEGQ) in 2017, and asks all its subcontractors (building division) to prequalify with Elite Management SST.