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District Griffin Peel Street

  • Located at the corner of Peel, Ottawa and Shannon, in Montreal, District Griffin Peel Street is a L-shape residential tower.
  • District Griffin will have 18 floors and 312 residential units.
  • The ground floor will include a 2 stories commercial basilar, including a Metro supermarket.
  • The basilar will also have a hall with a gateway. The roof of the tower will be equipped with a swimming pool with a beach.
  • A mechanical shelter will be set on the roof too. Two underground floors of parking space will be develop.


  • Activity Sector Mixed use
  • Client Devimco
  • Year 2013-2015
  • Value $78,000,000
  • Engineers Beaudoin Hurens
  • Architect Martin Marcotte / Beinhaker Architecte
  • Realisation Mode General Contractor