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Origine ecocondos

  • This ultra high-quality contemporary construction was designed with utmost concern for its inhabitants’ quality of life and the environment.
  • The 94-condominium tower has 14 floors; 13 above ground, plus underground parking.
  • The top 12 floors are entirely made of solid wood. It is the tallest 100% solid wood building in North America.
  • The structure is mainly made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) with custom-made massive pieces and a unique structure.
  • It is an eco-friendly living space: minimal environmental footprint, LEED certification, thermal insulation, natural gas heating and hot water, radiant floor heating, intelligent waste chute on each floor, charging station for EVs.
  • The building’s efficiency is enhanced by the improved energy performance (60% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than concrete) and better acoustics.
  • The 40+ metre high building is in the Québec City’s Pointe-aux-Lièvres eco-district.
  • 2019: Cecobois Award of Excellence - Multi-residential building category
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  • Activity Sector Residential
  • Client Consortium NEB – Nordic Structures / EBC / Synchro Immobilier
  • Year 2016-2017
  • Value $25,000,000
  • Engineers WSP / LGT / Groupe Conseil SID
  • Architect Yvan Blouin Architecte
  • Realisation Mode Construction Management
  • Other Stakeholders Génécor