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Upper Lillooet Hydro Project | 81.4 and 25.3 MW

The Upper Lillooet Hydro Project includes the design build of two run-of-river, clean energy generating facilities: Upper Lillooet (4 Francis turbines) and Boulder Creek (3 Pelton turbines). The project was awarded the Tunnelling Association of Canada's 2017 Innovation Project of the Year.

  • Temporary infrastructure.
  • Crushing, blasting, rockfill, tunnel work, excavation, concreting, cofferdams and plant construction.
  • Access roads, camp installation and maintenance (350 rooms).


  • Activity Sector Energy
  • Client Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
  • Year 2014-2016
  • Value $250,000,000
  • Engineers BPR
  • Other Stakeholders CRT