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TSW Ranney Falls, Dam 10 rehabilitation

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By Johanne Laurin 15 January 2020

Photo: Parks Canada

After projects on the Douro, Otonabee and Sawers Creek, EBC is pleased to announce that it has won a fourth contract on the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario. The scope of work at Ranney Falls in Campbellford is to extend useful life and increase unloading capacity of the existing Dam.

The work includes the addition of two new sluices on the west bank, each 10.1 meters wide, the extension of the main public road bridge and the installation of a new control building.

The complexity of this project requires the installation of a temporary bridge to keep road traffic on the dam. Further, the gas main and the sanitary force main, which cross the river, must be functional at all times, which requires the installation of temporary lines which will be heated above ground to guarantee continuous service until the pumping station.

A special feature of this new dam is the installation of two automatic gates with hoists to control the discharge.

Dam 10 rehabilitation is part of Parks Canada’s investment program in infrastructure works targeting heritage properties, visitor facilities, waterways and roads in national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas of Canada.

The work began in December 2019 and will end in September 2021.