Social responsibility

Respect is a core value for us.
Respect of our promises, but also respect for others.
We firmly believe in the importance of paying it forward, to make a positive difference in our community. That is why we participate in several fundraising campaigns for organizations such as the United Way, the Red Cross, HealthPartners and many others.

A growing number of our employees go the extra mile when it comes to acts of philanthropy. Our President’s social commitment and her leadership inspires us keep on raising the bar.

EBC understands that teamwork also means getting involved in our communities to make a difference.

Environment & Sustainable Development

EBC considers environmental protection to be a fundamental social responsibility and a priority governing all our activities. We pay particular attention to our environment and make sure that we take every measure to protect it in all our activities.

We work closely with our industry, partners and clients to integrate processes that reduce our environmental footprint while increasing sustainability.

“The greatest danger facing our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Stéphane Gagné, P.Eng., GSC, PMP, PA LEED Bd+C
Vice President Operations, Québec and Evaluation – Building

Our teams are especially sensitive to environmental issues. They put in place innovative and rigorous sustainable development processes. Our approach is geared towards the achievement of our clients’ business objectives through the use of best practices, all the while complying with the strictest standards of sustainable development.

We believe that training our employees and educating stakeholders are key factors to successfully instilling these principles in our work ethic. We are committed to increasing our responsibility towards our community and involving our partners in reaching our objectives.


EBC believes in working closely with local communities that are impacted by our projects. Our guideline in working with communities reflects our corporate culture, including the respect of cultures, customs, interests and concerns of Indigenous communities. We work closely with individuals, businesses and community leaders to create jobs, training and attractive subcontracting opportunities. EBC respects its partners within the communities and is committed to building relationships based on trust, understanding, transparency and knowledge sharing.


Since its founding, EBC Inc. has prioritized a rigorous quality policy. The quality of our achievements and our devotion to deliver mandates on time and on budget have always played an integral role in our mission.

In 1992, EBC became an industry pioneer with the implementation of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 Standard. This continuous improvement quality program allows us to maintain and improve our performance.

This system aims at a high level of customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality of our work; honour our contractual and legal obligations; strengthen collaboration with our business partners; and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

We deploy and regularly monitor our fundamental objectives of “ensuring the quality of our work” and “encouraging a constant desire for continuous improvement”, which support the proper and consistent application of the quality management system.

Protection of Personal Information

EBC and its subsidiaries attach great importance to the protection of the personal information they collect, use and communicate as part of their talent acquisition and human resources activities. This is why we have established a Personal Information Management Policy to regulate our practices in compliance with applicable Canadian laws and guidelines.

Any concern, violation, report, or to file a complaint regarding personal data collected, used or processed by EBC or one of its subsidiaries, should be done via our Privacy Officer at the following address:

Privacy Officer

EBC Inc.
1095 Valets Street
L’Ancienne-Lorette, QC
G2E 4M7