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Highway Henri-IV – P-13642 and P-13623 Structures Repair

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By Johanne Laurin 27 May 2021

EBC is pleased to announce that it will carry out repairs on structures P-13642 and P-13623 of Highway Henri-IV (A-73), between Chemin Saint-Louis and the Pierre-Laporte Bridge, in Québec City.

Carrying about 125,000 vehicles daily, this section of the Henri-IV Highway has three structures that need repair.  They are located at:

  • Chemin Saint-Louis, above Henri-IV Highway.
  • Henri-IV Highway, above Champlain Boulevard (Highway 136) and CN rail lines.
  • Henri-IV Highway’s northern access to the Pierre-Laporte Bridge.

Aimed at extending the structures’ useful life, the project includes earthworks, concrete pavement and prefabricated slabs, drainage network reconstruction, P-13623 piers repair, P-13642 abutments, piers, slab and beams repair, replacement of overhead-sign structures and road surface markings.

Work started in April 2021 on the South and central sections. In 2022, after the required winter interruption, the project will focus on the North section’s electrical works and landscaping, to be finished by 2023.

We thank the Ministère des Transports du Québec for awarding EBC this project and allowing us to improve road infrastructure.