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Nairn spillway rehabilition project

New mandates

By Johanne Laurin 14 April 2022

EBC is very proud to have been chosen by Vale Canada to work on the replacement of the spillway at Nairn Falls Generating Station, located on the Spanish River Northeast of Nairn Centre and nearly 50 km from Sudbury, in Ontario.

The work includes complete removal of the existing spillway, built in 1915 and having reached its useful life, and construction of a new spillway and mechanical gates. Adhering to the highest dam safety and environmental standards, construction will be carried out in phases to allow for ​efficient water management across the station, including the passage of flood flows and to routing of water to downstream spawning habitats.

The project comprises the construction of temporary cofferdams and trestle bridge, in-water works, dewatering, rock blasting and excavation, demolition, structural concrete, sill beams, guides, retaining walls, mechanical gates, electrical gate superstructure, and other miscellaneous work.

The work will begin in May 2022 and be completed in 2024.

Thank you to Vale Canada for allowing our talented team to deploy all their know-how!