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Ghyslain Deschamps named one of DigiTech Insight’s Top 10 Construction Leaders for 2022

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By Johanne Laurin 25 October 2022

It is with great pride that we announce that DigiTech Insight magazine has selected Ghyslain Deschamps, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of EBC, as one of the 10 best construction leaders in the industry.

DigiTech Insight has a mission to highlight the latest trends and technologies to support the key decision-makers who are the driving force behind numerous companies with the incorporation of technology in its infrastructure.

Ghyslain Deschamps knows that a strong team culture is the foundation for great achievements and that the construction industry must innovate to remain competitive and productive. “Our experts, who play a key role in operational improvement, digital transformation, and optimization of technologies, will continue to be a driving force”, said the man who surround himself with motivated, loyal and creative employees. He also strives to instil the company’s values in the younger generation with integrity, perseverance and respect.

Congratulations to Ghyslain Deschamps for the extraordinary work he has done to build, earn and maintain the trust and commitment of colleagues and partners, to create a great team of collaborators! Thank you for empowering each team to solve the challenges it faces.

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