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Two projects win the American Concrete Institute’s Concrete Construction Excellence Award

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By Alexandra Fortin 20 March 2024

There was a wonderful surprise last night at the Concrete Construction Excellence Awards, as the American Concrete Institute recognized not one but two EBC candidate projects in their “Tubecon Mention” category! The winning projects are: P-20305 Culvert and the Preparatory works on Laurier Boulevard.

The Tubécon Mention is awarded to infrastructure projects carried out in Quebec and eastern Ontario, such as underground works for sewer networks, culverts, or other applications, and evaluates the development of concrete pipes, project challenges, design, innovative methods and techniques, and the project’s social, economic, and environmental benefits.

The use of precast concrete | P-20305 Culvert Project

The P-20305 Culvert project required the installation of a prefabricated culvert with a length of 257 linear meters, the demolition of the old culvert that had reached the end of its useful life, paving and roadways refurbishment, and landscaping works.

The use of precast concrete was favored since its installation significantly reduces overall construction times and possible delays on site, which is particularly important in projects that may cause major traffic obstructions.

Only eight days were required to install the precast concrete culvert. A much longer time would have been required for a traditional type of formwork, reinforcement, concreting and concrete curing.

The use of prefabricated elements also reduces the quantity of work executed on site, and therefore, the risks relating to the health and safety of its workers. The prefabricated elements are produced in the factory under optimal quality control conditions.

Use of concrete | Preparatory works on Laurier Boulevard

This major project required water management infrastructure redevelopment on Laurier Boulevard.

Due to climate change, more and more municipalities must deal with heavy rainfall, which forces them to adapt their stormwater networks to greater water flow rates. Thus, 370 linear meters of rain pipe (CL4) 2,700-mm diameter were manufactured to improve rainwater management. These non-standard pipes make it possible to maximize, within minimum space, the volume of rainwater retention to meet provincial environmental standards and avoid overflow into the river. This represents a total of 150 sheets of reinforced concrete pipes (RCP) and several manholes up to 2,500 x 4,000 mm manufactured for this project.

The use of prefabricated concrete pipes allows for greater execution speed and minimizes disruption. Using prefabricated elements decreases work on site and reduces the risk of accidents. These benefits help reduce construction costs, so everyone wins!

We also wish to congratulate our partners: Tetra Tech, AtkinsRéalis, Béton Provincial, Stantec au Québec, Laboratoires d’Expertises de Québec and Fortier 2000 for their invaluable collaboration in making these projects a success!